Guitar&Passion: The Latin Experience (Artikelnummer: 09CD)

Fingerstyle Guitar Duos
(DUX D 100130)

01 Samba Pa Ti (Carlos Santana) 

02 Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo) {mp3}latinexperience/02brasileirinho{/mp3}

03 Palhaço (Egberto Gismonti) {mp3}latinexperience/03palhaco{/mp3}

04 Forrozim (Heraldo do Monte) {mp3}latinexperience/04forrozim{/mp3}

05 Cecilia (Paul Simon) {mp3}latinexperience/05cecilia{/mp3}

06 Los Pajaros Perdidos (Astor Piazzolla) {mp3}latinexperience/06los_pajaros_perdidos{/mp3}

07 Brazileira (Traditional) {mp3}latinexperience/07brazileira{/mp3}

08 Escolaso (Astor Piazzolla) {mp3}latinexperience/08escolaso{/mp3}

09 Manha do Carnaval (Luiz Bonfa) {mp3}latinexperience/09manha_do_carnaval{/mp3}

10 Open Ocean Waves (Christian Radovan) {mp3}latinexperience/10open_ocean_waves{/mp3}

11 Two Much/Love Theme (Michel Camilo) {mp3}latinexperience/11two_much_love_theme{/mp3}

12 Manchega (Louis Moreau Gottschalk) {mp3}latinexperience/12manchega{/mp3}

13 Memory (Salvatore Seminara) {mp3}latinexperience/13memory{/mp3}



Michael Langer and Sabine Ramusch

All songs arranged by Michael Langer, except for “Open Ocean Waves” and “Memory”, which are original compositions dedicated to “Guitar & Passion”

Additional ukulele on “Manha do Carnaval” and “Brazileira” by Michael Langer


01 Samba Pa Ti 2:51

(Carlos Santana)

The idea was to play this rock-guitar hymn on two classical guitars. Santana takes special care with the beauty of the melody sound, so it is perfect to play on a warm-sounding nylon string guitar. The second guitar has to do the complete Santana-band sound. To do this we used a special right-hand technique to imitate a shaker sound while arpeggiating the chords.

For transcription details of the piece see Edition DUX D 832.

02 Brasileirinho 2:43

(Waldir Azevedo)

This choro was composed in 1947 for the Brazilian string instrument cavaquinho, which is a four-string instrument (tuned d-g-b-d or e), and became one of the favourite pieces of Brazilian music. In the original, the typical three-note hook line is played on one string –
in our version we used three different strings, which gives this classic a fresh and contemporary take.

03 Palhaço 2:56

(Egberto Gismonti)

“Palhaço” translates as “clown”. Although the song has a simple melody and simple harmonies, the very talented Brazilian guitarist, pianist and composer Egberto Gismonti reflects all the different feelings of a clown in this tune: happy, but also sad and meditative. Therefore our arrangement is also simple!

04 Forrozim 2:50

(Heraldo do Monte)

This song is a Brazilian jazz standard composed by electric guitarist Heraldo do Monte, born in Recife. One guitar plays the virtuoso electric-guitar melody and improvises; the other guitar imitates the band playing a 3-3-2 baião rhythm. It was a lot of fun alternating between the various parts during the song.

05 Cecilia 2:51

(Paul Simon)

We changed many parts of the arrangement of the old Simon & Garfunkel three-chord song: measure, groove, melody, harmony etc. Basically our version is in the style of Venezuelan joropo. As far as we know, this is the first time “Cecilia” has ever been included on a Latin-style CD.

For transcription details of the piece see Edition DUX D 831.

06 Los Pajaros Perdidos 3:49

(Astor Piazzolla)

We love playing Astor Piazzolla’s music! We arranged two more of his compositions for
“The Latin Experience”. One of these two very different pieces is a chanson with a beautiful vocal line and an easy piano accompaniment: “Los Pajaros Perdidos” (The Lost Birds).
For our arrangement, we took special care to work out a delicate melody and accompaniment.

07 Brazileira 2:38

(Darius Milhaud)

Brazileira (Mouvement de Samba) is the third part of Darius Milhaud’s (1892-1974) very famous “Scaramouche Suite”, composed in 1936 for two pianos. It proved so popular over time that he created many new arrangements for other instrumentations (for concert band, wind sextet, 16 saxophones etc.). The most unusual arrangement is as a pop song, complete with added lyrics. Missing from all the arrangements is one for two guitars and ukulele, so we decided to do one! This classical piece is so close to the folk idiom that it could be easily mistaken for a “real” thing.

08 Escolaso 4:37

(Astor Piazzolla)

Is part of the four-part “Suite Troiliana” for quintet (bandoneon, violin, piano, bass and guitar) and features the master at the top of his instrumental art. Like in many of his other great works, he brings a powerful, fast-to-play part and in between a very slow, passionate movement.

09  Manha do Carnaval 2:39 

(Luiz Bonfa)

The idea for this arrangement was born while jamming on the ukulele. We really enjoy playing this relaxed rhythm accompanied by its famous harmonies. This love song is originally from the 1959 movie “Orfeo Negro”. We added a bass line and some baroque elements to complete the beautiful melody. 

10  Open Ocean Waves 5:38 

(Christian Radovan) 

Christian is an Austrian trombone player who dedicated his composition to “Guitar & Passion” after listening to our first CD. From the very beginning, we loved playing this energetic, heavy Latin jazz piece. It was the main influence for “The Latin Experience”. 

For transcription details of the piece see Edition DUX D 837.

11  Two Much/Love Theme 3:21 

(Michel Camilo) 

Another movie, another love theme, composed by the famous Latin jazz pianist Michel Camilo. It has the calm, peace and the open space of a daydream. The beauty of this song was so captivating that we had to play it just for ourselves. 

12  Manchega 3:27

(Louis Moreau Gottschalk) 

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) was born in New Orleans. He was an American pianist and composer of French origin, who lived in the Caribbean and Latin America for many years. Our guitar arrangement is a very free interpretation of his composition for piano and includes some elements from the Latin American guitar tradition. 

13  Memory 3:33 

(Salvatore Seminara) 

Another composition for “Guitar & Passion”. This beautiful melody and sophisticated guitar accompaniment is composed by Italian guitarist Salvatore Seminara. He sees his melodies as being in the Italian melodic tradition – we think his heart beats like a Brazilian’s. That’s why we decided to complete our CD with “Memory” as the closing song. 


For transcription details of the piece see Edition DUX D 838.

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